At People’s Republic of South Central (PRSC), each beer release is crafted with the intention of giving you greater insight into our world-view.⁣⁣⁣

Today, we’re proud to introduce you to SUMMONING. This is the fourth and FINAL beer release in our "one and done" charity can release series in which ALL net proceeds will go toward buying Chromebook laptop computers for children in South Los Angeles that do not have a device of their own for learning at home.⁣⁣
In pure beer-speak, SUMMONING is a West Coast IPA. This beer will make its debut in South Los Angeles on Saturday, October 23rd.⁣⁣
Beyond beer-speak, SUMMONING is a community call to discussion, collaboration and ultimately action. A recently completed Brewer's Association demographic audit of brewery owners found that only 0.4% of all Breweries in the United States were owned by black people. Our mission at PRSC is to create and OWN a unique space in this dramatic vacuum. ⁣⁣
Our SUMMONING wrapped aluminum can features the colors of the pan-African flag accompanied by silhouettes of marginalized people coming together to be seen, heard and respected.⁣⁣
Once this beer is sold out, we will not be releasing any new beers until we open the doors of our 24,000 square feet production and packaging facility in Historic South Central Los Angeles in the first half of 2022.⁣

Craig Bowers
CEO / Co-Founder
South Los Angeles Beverage Company

Feel free to text me 213-410-4881 or follow me on Instagram/Twitter

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